ISD: Summary

Give your post a title of "ISD: {Month} Summary"

Purpose: (1-sentence) Basically what was/is your goal for them month.  It may be the same as the previous month.

List Projects/Skills: List all the projects or skills that you worked on.

For Example:
  • Character Concept  Design #1
  • Digital Painting Practice
  • Worm Tutorial 

Project Progression Summary & Reflection:  (3-4 paragraphs) Basically, in paragraph form write a summary of what you did as well as a thorough reflection.  The degree to which the student presents information that supports the central purpose, arguments, or goals of the project. Should include reflection as well.

Skill Development Visual Progression:  Post a clear progression of your skill development. Screen shots and final renders

General Writing: Grammar, punctuation, general writing

Grade is based out of 340 points with an additional potential for 60 bonus points.

Purpose (Current Skill Goal)
Some Development
Fully Developed
Well Written
1 - 3
4 – 7
8 – 10
11 – 12
Project Progression Summary
Minimal Summary  Development
Some Summary  Development
Fully Developed Summary
Above and Beyond
Skill Development Visual Progression
Minimal Visual Progression
Some Visual Progression
Fully Documented
Visual Progression
Above and Beyond
Overall Project(s) Progress
Minimal Progress
Above and Beyond
General Writing Poor sentences, no punctuation, fragments, or none completed. Good work, several small mistakes, good effort. Excellent writing, few spelling mistakes, coherent and well-done.

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