3D Design: Independent Skill Objective Day

OK . . . It is TSA week and I will be out both Thursday and Friday.  No one in the front or back room, please only stay in the computer lab area. 

Today is a work day! You need to at least spend an hour working on you independent Skill Objective.  Meaning you should follow on of  the tutorials.  But first you should make sure that you have finished the following projects and they are well documented and in your blog:       

Write Life Vision ✓
CNC (Padlet) ✓
Temple Tutorial  ✓   
Extrude Face Along a Path ✓    
Extrude Curve Along a Path ✓
Initial Interest Direction (Padlet) ✓            
Write Skill Objective ✓
Beveling ✓
Hole ✓

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