As I mentioned, I will be out today, 3/22.  No one in the front or back room, please only stay in the computer lab area - Thanks Guys!

You need to finish the third animation tutorials: 

1st download the lesson files from http://www.autodesk.com/maya-tutorials. Copy the Getting Started with Maya 2015 Lesson Files zip file to your local drive and unzip the folder.  You will need the files to complete the animations. To unzip a folder, you RIGHT-CLICK on it and choose Extract All.   

I want you to complete the following animation tutorials; they are easy and super fun to learn.  It is basically animating a ship fly around on a path.

One issue you might come across is that they changed where the Motion Path settings are located.  See the photo below:

If there is time start this one . . .

If you are finished, you should make sure that you have finished the following projects and they are well documented and in your blog:            
  • Write Life Vision ✓            
  • CNC (Padlet) ✓                   
  • Temple Tutorial  ✓
  • Extrude Face Along a Path ✓    
  • Extrude Curve Along a Path ✓
  • Initial Interest Direction (Padlet) ✓            
  • Write Skill Objective ✓
  • Beveling ✓
  • Hole ✓
  • Revolve Practice ✓
  • Abstract Lighting Subject ✓

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