IB Project Report

Give your post a title of "Project (#) Semester (#)” and give it a label of “P(#)-S(#)
IB Project Required Information:

Medium used:
Size of original (cm/mins):
Text/Topic/work focus:
Final Image(s):

Related Screen(s):

State All Resources Used:  (MLA format)      

Text/Topic/work focus:   Basically, in  a short paragraph write a summary of what you did. 
Related Screens:  Post all screens related to your final projects

General Writing: Grammar, punctuation, general writing

Grade is based out of 100 points.

Project  Information
Missing Information
Some Information
Complete Information
11 – 20
21 – 30
Final Project Images
Unfinished Renders / Images
Somewhat Finalized Renders / Images
Fully Finalized Renders / Images
Related Screens
No Screen Reference
Some Screen References
Fully Documented
Screen Reference
Text/Topic/work focus
Unfinished Finalized Description
Somewhat Finalized Description
Fully Finalized Description
General Writing Poor sentences, no punctuation, fragments, or none completed. Good work, several small mistakes, good effort. Excellent writing, few spelling mistakes, coherent and well-done.

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