3D Design - Composition Through Abstraction


»  I understand what visual composition is and how it relates to both photography, cinematography, fine art, graphic design and even proposals.            

»  EXPLORE: Find 20+ abstract images that you like, save them in folder and post in blog
»  EXPLORE:  Watch video on composition
»  EXPLORE:  Watch video on abstract images
»  EXPLORE:  Read article on composition            
»  CREATE:  Using all of your 3d skills, compositional rules and describe the rules used.   


Create a Padlet which explores to find 20+ 3d abstract images that you like and that has strong composition. 

Watch Videos:
Read article on composition:
Here is a  article that I would like you to READ.  It focuses on abstract photography.  This article has four parts.
Here is another article on composition.  http://www.morguefile.com/docs/Jodie_Coston:_Lesson_1
Think of all the tools we have learned to date . . . and use some or all to create an AMAZING 3D Abstract Composition. 

3d Abstract Skill Suggestions:

Extrude Along Path  <<  HERE  >>

Extrude_Along Path 

Extrude Curve Along a Path  << Here >>

Deformers  <<  HERE  >>


Studio Lighting  <<  HERE  >>


Image Based Lighting  <<  HERE  >>



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