TUTORIAL: Photoshop - Zebraceros

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Using the transform, liquify filter and some shading, were going to effectively dress up a rhino in zebra fur.
Source Images
In this tutorial, we're going to combine two animals:

And This:


And should look something like this:

First and most important is to find the proper source images. I chose these 2 since the angles and stances are very similar.
Since I liked the high contrast color of the zebra, I decided to use the actual fur and "mold" it over the rhino's body. So with that said, I extracted the zebra from its background and pasted it into the rhino file on a new layer.
NOTE: It's a good idea to use a hi-res image because when you're stretching pixels, a low resolution file is going to lose its realism.

Cut out the zebra and then paste it on top of the rhino image.
Also cut-out the Rhino.

Using the warp tool, transform the zebra to best fit the zebra skin over the rhino.  It will same time and produce a better looking rhino.
Liquify is your friend

Since my goal is to cover the rhino's body completely with the zebra, it is best to use the liquefy tool next. 
Capture2The layers can be a bit tricky.  First make sure your layers are labeled, rhino & zebra. Select the layer you want to liquefy and choose Filters > Liquify   First we want to make sure it is set up right, in the lower right hand corner, go to View Options Change the following:
Use: Rhino
Mode: Behind
It is important to become familiar with this, because it tis tricky. 
I start with a large brush and as I progress make my brush smaller for the details. 
You need to have quite a bit of patience with the Liquefy filter to get the best results. I'm going to assume that you have some experience with this filter so I'm going to get to the point.

Under the Show Backdrop settings set Use: to Layer 2 (the rhino layer) and then the Mode: to Behind

Make two more copies of this liquified layer.  Right-Click on the layer you want to copy and choose Duplicate Layer . . .  Label the first one, Zebra Mane, the second one, Stripe Overlay, and the last one Zebra Backup.
Stripe Overlay:

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