Perspective Drawing w/ Adobe Illustrator

Cylinders, Cuboids, Rectangular Prisms, square prism and Cubes?
1-Point Perspective Assignment.


Change Perspective type:
View > Perspective Grid > Two Point Perspective

1-Point Perspective: I am looking for a total of 4 objects drawn.
  • Two objects must overlap like 4 & 3.
  • One must be cylindrical like 2 or 7.
  • One must have a hole in it like 3 & 4.  


2-Point Perspective Assignment.
Post in Blog: Make the letter “S” 
*Bonus for rounded edges . . .
Draw a cuboid otherwords a rectangular prism.  I used 5 units high, 6 units deep, and 3 units deep.  It makes it easy to make the “S” shape. 

Using the line tool, draw the inside parts of the “S”.
Using the “Cut Tool" remove the unwanted lines.  Check link to learn how to use the “Cut Tool”

Using the Rectangal Tool, draw the inside sections of the “S”.  You will need to arrange the part to move infront or behind.  You may need to cut sections of the shape off to hide them and also cut off unwanted edges. 

Turn-in to Blog Individually.
3-Point Perspective Assignment.
Post in Blog: Make this shape and color it.  
*Bonus for rounded edges . . .

Create a Shimmering Cityscape in Perspective, Using Illustrator

You are to use this tutorial to help guide you in designing your own 3-
**We will draw this at a later date.**
5-Point Perspective Assignment.
Post in Blog: Create a minimum of 2 cubes one over lapping  and a third object Like an ‘L’ or a cube with a hole something like that “Cool Looking”.


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