Final CD Example

  • Initial Interest Direction (Padlet)
  • Design Objective & Descriptors
  • Inspiration Board (Padlet)
  • Thumbnail Sketching (2+ Pages)
  • Development Sketches (3+ Development Sketches Annotated)
  • Project Overview – Backstory
  • Final Concept Design
  • Development Sketches (3+ Development Sketches Annotated)

Initial Interest Direction (Padlet)

Design Objective & Descriptors

Character Design:  I have been playing video games all my life and I want to explore how to make one.  I understand that video games are generally made by a team, not by individuals, and taking years to create.   I probably will not be able to finish an entire game myself, but that is the end goal.   To start, I want to focus and learn the character design process, design my own character, create a 3d model of the character, and learn the basic features of importing the character into a game engine.  I will design simple robotic character driven by the following, but not limited to, descriptors:  fun, charismatic, 1950s Sci-Fi inspired , insect'ish, samurai influenced , med-evil armor, etc.

            Objective Descriptors: Fun, charismatic, 1950s Sci-Fi, insects-ish, samurai, med-evil armor, steam-punk, industrial, toys, illustrative/cartoon, hero, modern, etc.

Inspiration Board (Padlet)
Idea Direction
Robot Thumbnail Sketching (2+ Pages)
Development Sketches (3+ Development Sketches Anotated)
Development Sketches
Final Draft Sketch           
Design #1

Project Overview – Backstory (EXAMPLE)
Coyote Tango is designed to resemble naval warships and Cobra attack helicopters in both color scheme and appearance. Coyote Tango's light armor allows it to perform various deadly maneuvers and has great speed to evade Kaiju attacks. It is also armed with twin long-range ballistic mortar cannons to damage Kaiju from afar; these were supplemented by a forearm-mounted, retractable V-PI EnergyCaster with five modes of modulation - this weapon in particular being considered highly experimental at the time of the Jaeger's launch.  Coyote Tango is also tied with Cherno Alpha for the tallest height on a Mark-1 Jaeger.

As a Mark-1 Jaeger, Coyote Tango runs on the power of a nuclear reactor. Given the short amount of time the Pan Pacific Defense Corps had to build the first series of Jaegers in response to the Kaiju threat, none of the Mark-1 series Jaegers were reinforced with protective measures to prevent radiation poisoning. Consequently, the Rangers piloting Mark-1's were at an increased risk of contracting cancer-related illnesses from exposure. Both Tamsin Sevier and Stacker Pentecost developed cancer as a result of the Jaeger's poor radiation shielding and were retired from active duty.

Final Concept Design  


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