Every class has a series of teacher directed and guided assignments.  Assignments can be found in each class page.
For every FINISHED assignemt give your post a title of "{Name of Assignment}"  and give it a label of “SD
WRITE FINISHED on the first line of yout blog.
Summary & Reflection:  (2-3 sentances) Basically, write a brief summary of what you did as well as a thorough reflection. 
General Writing: Grammar, punctuation, general writing     

Grade is based out of 100 points with an additional potential for 20 bonus points.

65 – 85
85 – 100
1 – 20

Completion & Finishing

Minimal Development

  Some Development

Fully Completed & Detailed

Above and Beyond


All student work must be documented in the student’s blog.

Minimal or No Documentation

Some Blog Documentation

Documented in Blog

*Students are required to document in their blog daily.  A grade is given based on the # of classes scheduled.  One ot two blogs posts will be dropped at the end of each month.